The Master has no purpose, but service — a purpose is limiting, whereas service unfolds!

  • The Universal Master is a realised pulse of the Universal consciousness!
  • The Universal Master is a Universal necessity, as well as a planetary and historic presence.
  • As a social life, the Master represents the idea of a Way; as a spiritual life He is a revelation for Life.
  • The Universal Master demonstrates a non-individualised Spiritual wave as an individualised possibility.
  • Masters make evolution — the initiated ones work in it.
  • One needs to live the Master as an example, as a concept and as a Spiritual wave.
  • The presence of the Universal Master affects the whole of humanity’s being.
  • The Master represents an idea of a new future — He alters the pulse of evolution.
  • Humanity’s hierarchy is a work of the Universal Masters!

Translation: Borislav Zlatkov


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