The Universal Logos is the Breath of the Absolute!

  • The Logos is the negotiator between the Unnamed and Prakriti!
  • The Logos is the Reason, which gives birth to the world.
  • Activity is a manifestation of the Manifested, dynamics – of the Non-manifested.
  • The Absolute emanates energy for the Creation, and the Logos transforms it into being for Itself.
  • The Logos is the source of pre-life as an organised existence of the whole Cosmos.
  • The Logos – the emanated out of the Undefined, puts Its will into Creation.
  • The Logos is an absorbed energy of the Absolute – a shaped consciousness for Creativity.
  • The Logos participates in the full cycle of being, It creates its shapes.
  • The Universal Logos evolves, but the Absolute does not!

Translation: Borislav Zlatkov


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