The Universal Kundalini is the Breath of the Nothing, from Which everything is!!

  • Kundalini is the highest energy ― an emanation from the Essence!
  • Fire is at the foundations of Being ― there is no power higher than that of Kundalini’s Fire.
  • The Universal Kundalini is Cosmic wholeness.
  • Kundalini realises the unity between the Pre-god ― Purusha, and the Pre-matter ― Prakriti.
  • The Essence is unattainable, which is why there is a mediator – Kundalini’s energy.
  • Kundalini is not created, It creates.
  • The Universal Kundalin descends from the Unknown in order to create Known.
  • During Its involution, Kundalini laid the steps, with the help of which the evolving Kundalini will find a harbour.
  • The Universal Kundalini is the supreme spiritual force, the image of the Nothing in everything!

Translation: Borislav Zlatkov


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