The Spiritual wave of Creation

Creation commits the capabilities that are accompanied by the evolutionary pulse!

The first Spiritual wave of Creation shapes the world and man. The world is created with Let there be light! Afterwards God says “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness”. “Let us make…” alludes to the fact that the Creator had Collaborators. But with them He created man’s image – the likeness He put in alone by breathing “into his nostrils the breath of life”.

In the Spiritual wave of Creation, with God’s Breath, the image begins to unravel – man receives the great tendency, as a god in evolution, to evolve until he becomes God’s Co-creator. Man is a God-felt necessity – through us God becomes Self-aware; through Him we realise ourselves, says Vaklush Tolev.

This wave gave man the hierarchy of bodies – mental, astral, physical. From Adam – the thought, is brought out Eve – the Astral, so that man can be grounded. The culture of Creation is: Go forth and work the earth, from whence you were taken – a culture of industriousness!

The Spiritual wave of Creation realises in man the fight for individualisation at the Physical plane!

There is no individuality without mind and man had to begin his being in the hierarchy of spiritual development as a person. He had to develop self-consciousness and to know himself through the idea of egocentrism in order to break with the consciousness of the herd. The great idea for leadership is egocentrism. Today it is immoral for a person to be egotistic, but to remain with the herd for millennia was criminal to his development.

What we call Creation begins with the separation of Heaven and earth. What we call human being is earthly presence, but an unbreakable bond with Heaven as well. This is why the Culture of Creation gives birth to totemism.

The books on totemism do not talk about the idea of Creation. The great treasure that totemism shares as a revelation has not be preserved. For back then, people had a direct connection to what we call Heaven and did not need altars. Their souls were their altars – and their Heavenly guardians were present in their souls. It was believed that the totem would become embodied in the person and thus they in turn would become like the Deity.

Totemism is the complete devotion to our souls being present in Heaven and our physical bodies – on earth!

The Culture of Creation is man’s first struggle for Himself – the struggle to become a person!


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