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Taurus (21 April – 21 May)

Taurus (21 April – 21 May)
"Телец". Художник: Петър Златков

Taurus is an Earth sign, whose governing planet is Venus, and which is symbolized by the bull. Amongst the typical characteristics of the Taurus are loyalty, creativity and tenacity.

In vol. 3/1993 of Nur Magazine Vaklush Tolev writes:

There are horns that are meant to accumulate supra-energies, in order to seek supreme spaces – these are the horns of the Capricorn; there are horns that you need to fight and not to discover – this is Aries; and then there are horns whose width is upwards-bound so that they are steady, so that they can accept energies that feed and give strength. This is indeed what Taurus possesses.

Among the negative qualities of the Taurus are their irascibility, that they like being at the helm and that they are traditionalists.

People born under this zodiac sign need to apply great diligence. Their path is being industrious, aimed at seeking high thought.

The energies during this month, namely energies of diligence, suggestion of steadiness, artistic feelings and feelings of elegance, give us the strength to make our throne more than ordinary and to turn our temple into a sacred place.

Ancient Romans used to say: Ora et labora! – work and pray!

For people need much work in order to free the secret of their souls and to turn it into mental applicability, says Vaklush Tolev in his book “Esoteric Schools and Mystic Teachings”. Afterwards that mental applicability will return those who have been created and have walked their evolutionary way to their divine origins.

Prayer is a connection to divine energies, labour is the applicability of these energies.


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