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Културата - обществена молитва

Culture – a Social Prayer

Even though culture is but a pale shadow of insight, it is still made by gods and humans. Through culture humanity evolves from existence to sanctity, from sanctity to Divinity.
Културата е обществена молитва


Culture is a Spirit in industry! Culture is the spiritual manifestation of historical time. Culture is the most saturated expression of the soul.


The Resurrection is a Universal mystery – the Universal will rises in man! The Resurrection is man’s pivotal point that Life is invincible. The Resurrection is not compassion for man, it is an idea for life in God.

Resurrection as a new planetary idea

The Resurrection is not a miracle, but a spiritual uplift. The Resurrection is the idea for bringing spirit in matter. On a social level, the Resurrection is an idea for immortality, for communion with the Universe.

Interview with Vaklush Tolev about Resurrection

The Resurrection is a new psychology which has created a Self-Baptism in the behaviour of the Christian Teaching with the idea that the Son of Man can become a Son of God, and afterwards One with his Father.

Taurus (21 April – 21 May)

Taurus is an Earth sign, whose governing planet is Venus, and which is symbolized by the bull. Amongst the typical characteristics of the Taurus are loyalty, creativity and tenacity.

On Astrology and Star Signs

Astrology is perhaps the most ancient of sciences, its roots going back thousands of years to the dawn of human civilisation. This is hardly...
Petar Nikolov

Let us live the Resurrection as a metamophosis!

Celebration of The Way of Wisdom Society Resurrection – a new psychology of the world Welcome speech by Petar Nikolov Chairman of the Way of Wisdom Society Dear...
Доц. д-р Кирил Колигов, Главен редактор на литературата на Общество Път на Мъдростта

What is The Connection Between Wisdom and Resurrection as Energy and...

Celebration of the Way of the wisdom Society What is The Connection Between Wisdom and Resurrection as Energy and as Light? Speech by Kiril Kolikov Editor-in-chief of...

Vaklush Tolev: the Resurrection is a Power over the Grave

Christ's resurrection is the idea through death to find the law of immortality. This is why I call the Resurrection a power over the grave – you come out of the grave empowered, having defeated matter.

Vaklush Tolev on faith, religion and resurrection

Vyara Ankova: Dostoevsky said that if God does not exist that means that everything is allowed. This may be the explanation as to why...