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Учител, учение, ученик

Master, Teachings, Students

The Master does not come with a purpose, but with the task of serving. The Master advises without punishing; the Master blesses without requiring gratitude!
Агни Йога

On Agni Yoga: §2

A knowledge of the mind can provide a formula, a knowledge of the intuition can facilitate insight and a revelation can unveil a truth!
Агни Йога

On Agni Yoga: §1

he first paragraph opens the gates of the altar. For the secret lies in the coming of the new Universal Teacher - Maitreya.
Послания на Планетния Логос - Въвеждащо Послание

Messages of the Planetary Logos – Introductory Message (1977)

The Message initiates the idea of cultivating body – as inspirited matter, the thought – as spring purity, and the soul – as resurrecting spirituality.
Децата на Деня

The Children of the Day

The Children of the Day are the new hierarchy of service – in the Wave of Wisdom! The Children of the Day are a...
Книгата на Живота

The Doctrine of Life in the Way of Wisdom Teachings

For the first time the Spiritual Wave of Wisdom pours over us energies not for existence, but for life - only God lives, humans exist!
Животът е цялата плътност на Богоосъществяването!


Life is the whole density of God’s Realisation! Life is God’s Presence – only God may be present in the Whole. Life is eternal...


Nature is a material manifestation of spiritual wants. Nature is pitiless, but not cruel – it destroys in order to create.
Пътят за Единосъщието е през Разпятие, Самокръщение, Възкресение, Възнесение.


The way towards being One with the Lord goes through Crucifixion, Self-Baptism, Resurrection, Ascension. The Ascension is the last initiation on the spiritual path to the Heavens. The Ascension is mastered immortality.
Агни Йога

On Agni Yoga: Introduction

Agni Yoga is a new formula, a new key to the door of humanity in its temple, its daily religious worship, confession, and quest.
European union flag

Europe – Sought and Made

Let us honour 9 May as Europe Day by raising on the pole of our unity the flag of our community, by allowing the “Ode to joy” hymn to vibrate in our souls with a new prayer – that of the godmate!

Vaklush Tolev: Culture is a social prayer!

Culture is a social prayer! Everyone prays in their own ways – one would light a candle, another with incense, yet another with a silent prayer, as our Hesychasm teaches... And what? All this is a common prayer.