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By assigning characteristics to the Absolute we diminish It. Nothing can be added to the Absolute and nothing can be taken from It either.
Миров Логос

Universal Logos

The Logos is the negotiator between the Unnamed and Prakriti! The Logos is the source of pre-life as an organised existence of the whole Cosmos.
Миров Кундалини

Universal Kundalini

Kundalini is the highest energy ― an emanation from the Essence; It is the supreme spiritual force, the image of the Nothing in everything!


Christmas is spiritual behaviour that transforms a person into a Messiah! Christmas is the first initiation, through which the Spirit manifests Itself.
Послания на Планетния Логос

Messages of the Planetary Logos

The Messages of the Planetary Logos are an essence of the Universal divinity! The Messages are a pulse out of the heart of the Cosmic being!
Миров Учител

Universal Master

The Master has no purpose, but service - a purpose is limiting; service unfolds! The Universal Master is a realised pulse of the Universal consciousness!


Godmate is the new name of man who is a god in evolution. The Godmate is a manifestation of God’s likeness – a liberated holiness.


Nature is a material manifestation of spiritual wants. Nature is pitiless, but not cruel – it destroys in order to create.
Пътят за Единосъщието е през Разпятие, Самокръщение, Възкресение, Възнесение.


The way towards being One with the Lord goes through Crucifixion, Self-Baptism, Resurrection, Ascension. The Ascension is the last initiation on the spiritual path to the Heavens. The Ascension is mastered immortality.
Културата е обществена молитва


Culture is a Spirit in industry! Culture is the spiritual manifestation of historical time. Culture is the most saturated expression of the soul.