Each Spiritual wave has its Universal symbol, sacredly embedded as an essence foretold by God!

The symbol of the Spiritual wave of Wisdom is the Triangle – the upper part of the Christian cross with the inscribed Serpent that symbolises Wisdom.

In Wisdom, the Fiery Serpent, Kundalini, is awaken.

The Triangle of Wisdom stands for the victory of Spirit over Matter achieved at the Cross. The Way leads from Self-baptism, through Consubstantiality to Co-creation. Self-baptism leads to Resurrection, Resurrection – to Consubstantiality, Consubstantiality – to Co-creation!

The Triangle is a pre-eternal bearer of the Holy Trinity in Its Consubstantiality, it is a sign of God’s creativity − without beginning and never-ending.

The symbol of Wisdom signifies: Knowledge, Creativity, Infinity!

Translation: Borislav Zlatkov