Vaklush Tolev has been consistently and relentlessly trying to validate the true date of Christ’s Resurrection – 8 April, as a form of communion with this Universal mystery – for the sake of both humanity and Christ’s institutions. For humanity – because only on this Day can it be illuminated by the energies of the Resurrection. For the institutions – because only with the true date can they set out to serving in unity through the Son of God.

It is plain that with Catholics and Protestants celebrating the Resurrection at one point, and Orthodox Christians celebrating on a different date, there is a significant rift.

How is it that Vaklush Tolev unveils the act of the Resurrection as a new planetary idea? He points out that the Resurrection is not a miracle, but a spiritual uplift. From a personal perspective, the Resurrection is the idea for the inner awaken Kundalini, for bringing spirit in matter. On a social level, the Resurrection is an idea for immortality, for unity between Spirit and Matter, for communion with the Universe. Let us thank Master Vaklush for the consecration he gave to the world.

From Nur Magazine 1/2005, pp. 83-84

Translation: Borislav Zlatkov


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