Celebration of The Way of Wisdom Society
Resurrection – a new psychology of the world

Welcome speech by Petar Nikolov
Chairman of the Way of Wisdom Society

Dear Mr George Trak! Dear ladies and gentlemen!

Dear Godmates,

It is 8 April! Those who follow the Master of Wisdom Vaklush and Orthodox Christianity celebrate today Christ’s Resurrection. This year the true and mystical date of the Resurrection coincide with the day, set by the Orthodox Church. It is joyous that every Orthodox Christian can send out their prayers on the day, when the One Who Rose opens the Heavens in order to bless the earth with the grace that is Rejoice! I have conquered the world! Joy is Wisdom’s smile, used to say Vaklush Tolev.

We are humbled today in this presence of the Logos, which the Master of Wisdom gave to us – the altar of the One Who Rose, in order to read there the sacred knowledge:

I was, in order not to be! I am not, for I was – the Resurrection!

This is why we celebrate the One Who Rose as a Way to divinity, as a Way of the man who is a future God, destined for having power over the grave.

Thus, beside the celebration of the Resurrected Son of Man and Son of God, the idea Resurrection, the Initiation called Resurrection revealed to the world that being in the Lord’s bosom is a reality, which resurrects the godmate in each and every one of us for the Way. It empowers man to overcome his predestination and to bring spirit into matter as a new culture of the Resurrection.

Herein lies the need for a new psychology – in order for us to live the Resurrection as a metamorphosis of that, which we call unevolved good in us; unevolved good in our social presence; to perform an act of a personal sacrifice and a spiritual contribution to the Heavens.

Through the culture of the Resurrection we turn the knowledge of the Revelation into being – the knowledge that man is a god in evolution; that godmate is the name of man today – the man in the Spiritual wave of Wisdom. For everyone is a son of God, but we are also destined to eat the fruit from the Tree of Life, following Jesus Christ’s example.

Today is the biggest provocation! For it is easy to have knowledge when the Master has given us the entirety of the Teachings of Wisdom. But to transform knowledge into culture, to bring spirit into ourselves, into our being and into our worldviews, this is what it means to preserve the secret of the Revelation I and Him are one. To know is necessary and achievable, but to be is an initiation in the Way of the godmate.

Christ has risen, dear godmates!

8 April 2018, Plovdiv
Trakart Cultural Center

Translation: Borislav Zlatkov


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