§2.People do not realize the meaning of God or Bodhisattva. As though blind, they ask, “What is light?” But people even lack words to describe its properties, though daily they perceive light.
So wary are people of the unusual that they are confused about the boundaries of light and darkness. It is simpler for them to conceive of God inhabiting a palace upon the largest star. Otherwise their God would remain dwellingless. Their manifest lack of co-measurement impels them to demean what exists.

”People do not realize…” It is too easy to say “people” and through this generalisation to find an excuse for reproaching them for not being awake. For reproaching them for not distinguishing between God’s servant, who can be a Bodhisattva, and God, Who can give food to His Bodhisattvas; for blurring the line between darkness and light. But those, who know the hierarchy, those, who know evolution, should keep themselves from reproach that the majority does not discern light from dark or that they fail to appreciate that the full spectrum of the light is one. After all, it does consist of different lights and colours, which all make up one. So why should we then judge people that at one point they have only green, at another – only yellow… Only when they pass through the whole spectrum of spiritual improvement can we say that they have the light in full. And light always includes all colours.

We have our biology, our sensitivity, our mentality, intuition and spirituality. When can someone reach that level of perfection so that they can sacrifice themselves as Chris did… This is why I do not fully accept reproaching “people”. My concern is for those who give – that they have not been generous and sacrificial enough so that more people could be free from what we call “error”. Have we, ourselves, given others enough that they can see? Do we excuse ourselves by classifying the others as merely “people”, solely because they do not see? Similarly, I do not appreciate Diogenes’ search for the man in broad daylight because there were too many people. Had he found the man in himself, he needn’t have had to search for him outside! For

those who find God within themselves need not seek Him outside!

The evidence that our eyes need is also subject to change – if today we can see up to a mile, tomorrow we could reach thousands and then we will have a change in our understanding of God. This is what we ought to do before speaking about “people”, for we are in the people and the people are in us – everyone is as much a god as we are, only at a different level. And everyone must fulfill their obligations as God’s son, for everyone is a son of God. My point is that humanity needs to be awakened, to be lead by the hand and to be told that there is more to this world that it can see – that it can make use of the glasses of intuition and not only those of reason. Only then will we be able to see farther and appreciate light in all its colours.

”Their manifest lack of co-measurement impels them to demean what exists.” Arguably it sounds insulting when someone demeans the great that exists. But none of this is insulting to God, because such is still the human soul. Therefore this statement could be rephrased thusly: Incomplete knowledge creates a difference between the great and the small! What needs to be done, then? To complete this gap. For a knowledge of the mind can provide a formula, a knowledge of the intuition can facilitate insight and a revelation can unveil a truth! These are our given abilities and we need to use them. Let us not feel insulted, when someone, according to their understanding, gauges the great – instead we ought to help them.


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