The Messages of the Planetary Logos are an essence of the Universal divinity!

  • The Messages are a pulse out of the heart of the Cosmic being!
  • The Messages are secrets of being, taken from the Father.
  • The Messages of the Planetary Logos are a Revelation of the Universal consciousness.
  • The Messages are alters of life, ideas for a new life and a way for realisation.
  • The Messages are a presence of the Logos, adressed in a Unversal and an individual aspect.
  • The Messages of the Planetary Logos are the application of the insight for living as God.
  • The Messages are the culture of the knowledge from God in the rhythm of human realisation.
  • The Messages are an expression of a preserved secret, ideas for becoming divine.
  • The Messages of the Logos are Revelations for Life – they are meetings between God’s humanity and the Human divinity!

Translation: Borislav Zlatkov


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