Our Teacher!
  1. In Your humility grant us with humility!
  2. Put in my heart and in my mouth words that awaken, serve and lead!
  3. Give us strength to complete the Way and a shield so that the evil may repel itself.


The Way of Wisdom grants freedom from the past!

Within the concept of the 1985 Message is contained a sequence of capabilities, with which you can change yourselves. You can deny neither biology, nor anatomy, for humans have yet to realise what the anatomy owes the biology that develops it. The battle with the anatomy is followed by that with psychology. And afterwards – the battle with the Creation. This is a battle not against, but with the Creation – an idea of altering the static.

What must you do, what needs to prevail, so that the valence may be changed? Apply the plan of Knowledge – the treasure of the Teachings of Wisdom. This is by far the greatest conflict humanity is about to face.

Request One: In Your humility grant us with humility!

Two points must be highlighted here: first, it is acknowledged that the Teacher is humble; and second, the idea is not to awake an ambition for greatness in His followers. One must become humble, so that they can act with humility. For there is no greater secret than humility! Only humility can heal vanity by wrapping it up in its garment. Humility is a healing power, but few have felt it and fewer still have lived it. It is the most sacred of prayers!

Humility does not mean a lack of greatness, but rather being free from seeking greatness! There are many reasons why you may lack greatness, but when you have to reach it, then egocentrism is born. It in turn brings painfulness, as it awakens the aching for the self-realisation that never was. The quest for greatness is both socially necessary and educationally needed – but not as a Way. What matters is that you grow to be devoid of the fear that your greatness is under threat. Content Your Self not for yourself, but for God within you! Sometimes even the zeal for reaching a breakthrough with the mind breaches the principle of humility. And with that begins selfishness, which is personal recognition and not the service, which is a social good and a spiritual fortune. The zeal is a force, through which new horizons are discovered, whereas humility is a psychic energy of the highest order. The zeal is an energy of the will, which leads to development – humility is an energy for assessment, which creates an altar for adoration.

Religions interpret “humility” to mean “subjugation”. Such a woeful effect has the moral code had over education. There is a distinction between humility and resignation. Resignation signifies a dead-lock and it can be forced; humility, on the other hand, is of one’s own volition, it is a personal confession of one’s inner divinity. This is why humility is a culture and an aura – of the individual, of society and of the world!

Humility is the secret not to impede the expression of spirituality!

Request Two: Put in my heart and in my mouth words that awaken, serve and lead!

The greatest treasure gifted by the Gods to man is the word. Its magic power lies in the energy put in it before the Creation of the world. The Word comes from God and is knowledge about God!

The world is a planetary action. It changes – the word awakens, serves and leads. This invasion of the word is what must motivate the power of Kundalini, so that man may wake up and walk the Way.

The beginning of our Way is the totem – that, which inspires awe in man’s savagery. The totem is man’s god in the early stages, but it is merely a material image, not a spiritual substance – it is not an idea of God, only of a deity. This era is long gone now, and there have been many other planetary hierarchies before it, too… The starry world is of even older hierarchies, which have completed their evolution. (This is where the relationship between man and Havens comes from, as well as the divination based on man’s star sign.)

The word must give you clarify for man – to see that he is a creator, for within him is put God’s Breath. The levels His Breath has awoken is visible from the hierarchy of initiations. It is for this reasons that institutes, such as the Egyptian pyramids, existed, where people knew much more than the rest of the planetary culture. Nowadays even the official science submits that God lies at the heart of matter. Scientists have yet to reach the secrets of Wisdom, but they cannot evade God – they seek God’s particle…

Man carries the potential for becoming Divine and God have but one weapon – the word!

Request Three: Give us strength to complete the Way and a shield so that the evil may repel itself.

In the book of Genesis it is said: Let there be Light! Out of the chaos, above which the Holy Spirit roves, the Light is the impulse that began the Creation. We can therefore be certain that we shall complete the Way, because the Light can get us through it. In the scale of the Creation were put Mythology, Righteousness, Love, Wisdom, Truth and Freedom – and so that all of them may be realised, we were given the Way that we must complete.

The ask for evil to repel itself is the idea “good – evil”. There is no evil, there is only non-evolved good! The Way of Wisdom does not deny evil – rather, it is called upon to evolve, i.e. to repel itself.

During the stage of involution, man’s spiritual essence could bear only with great difficulty the burden, created by matter. This is why it was called “evil”. Matter was the reigning power, because first the image was created and only in it was put the likeness. And in the likeness lie the energies, which were given by the force of Creation. By putting the likeness in the image, it was preserved within the dimension of the material substance and began creating forms of thinking that have application. Nowadays, the achievements of civilisation, through the insight of science, are remarkable in the way they “steal” from that, which the Creator has left as a Revelation in the Creation. The Revelation will become part of our everyday lives, but the every-day must also learn to bear this pulse that has created matter with all its layers, including the mind and the intuition… This ability to bear is precisely the great secret of the Way!

However dominant the power of the matter may be, however dominant the power of the mind may be, we have within us the Fiery power. Kundalini is a representative of the Absolute in man! Its secret shall unveil the future. And when Kundalini begins to move as a whole, the Pantocrator is born, Who can hold the entire globe in His hand. This is what completing the Way means! It is one thing to satisfy yourselves, but giving a Way is another thing altogether – a Way, that disturbs harmony, for it is a stage of evolutionary enhancement.

But where do all these sometimes fruitful and lofty, sometimes fruitless and dishonest thoughts go? Is there something, which can combine the brilliant insights that are nowadays made as discoveries? Man carries them and here is where the law of the evolution plays a crucial part – gradual mastery and triumph. When you triumph – then is the evolution unquestionable. Religions fight to last for millennia and this is their mistake. The evolution “mocks” transience – which is exactly what past religions are, because good and evil have put deep roots in them and people restrain themselves in their Way.

Good and evil are phenomena, not noumena.

Naturally, there is transience and in it insight, which one cannot bear, is not allowed. This is why Kundalini has seven centres. All this creates hierarchies of cultures. And the greatest insult is when the lowest culture gives ideas of the future; when the least respected, the least insightful gives a way. Nevertheless, Knowledge always finds a formula for parting with the ignorance that has stood in the way of a planet’s culture.

Therefore, if at some point you wake up for Your Self – become free from your Self!


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