O Lord!
  1. Send us goodness in the hearts and knowledge in the minds – so that we may forgive the individual and human trouble that has walked a way without You!
  2. Send us the blessing of the Holy Spirit, so that the truth may never fade in our souls!
  3. Give us strength to live without doubt and without fear in our earthly home!


The Way of Wisdom gives freedom from the past!

The point of the 1983 Message is illuminating the growth through Knowledge. There needs to be illumination in the evolution that breaks down the pillars of Earth’s gravity.

There has to be freedom from convictions. Conviction makes social revolutions, whereas Knowledge performs a sacred revolution. It is personal and planetary, but it can also be Universal, too.

Herein lies the secret of comparing the rules of morality with Knowledge; of the battle between Knowledge and Virtue. In my opinion, the Initiated Ones were wrong to first establish moral tables in the hopes of becoming more convincing in building capacity to carry Knowledge. What they managed to achieve in the end was to make these table worthless, for, while they expanded the human consciousness, they did little to increase the capacity for Knowledge. We possess invincible powers, yet we have never been taught how to master them. Which is why Astral wakefulness has corrupted man, for his desire has determined the blood group of his evolution.

It is for this reason that we can characterise the moral tables as having degraded Knowledge; or that by impeding Knowledge, they ruined man. A new culture is needed – one that will replace the tables of Virtue with that of Knowledge. Then man will be critical of his gaps, for he will see his own faults. The assessment at each stage will determine the denominator of the human-god numerator.

Request One: Send us goodness in the hearts and knowledge in the minds – so that we may forgive the individual and human trouble that has walked a way without You!

The pulse of the heart is one of the most open expressions of divinity. Each vibration of the heart is imprinted on the flesh as well. And whereas the heart gives the law of goodness, it is the mind that creates the polarity for evolution.

It is precisely knowledge, or the action of the mind, that creates metamorphoses in the human being. And as it was said in the idea of the Creation, the mind – Adam, grounded itself. Adam is a name of the spiritual image of the masculine principle. It forms the masculine beginning and from the mind the Astral is separated – i.e. Eve, the feminine principle.

The Creator sends them to develop the material world – hence having “walked a way without You”. We used to walk with the lost consciousness of Divinity. Regardless of whether Divinity is outside man or in his inner wakefulness – what matters is that the way was walked without it. And this is neither a crime, nor a sin – just a concern.

A feeling of apprehension starts to rise in Adam, on the Astral and the Mental planes, and it is this feeling that causes the “downfall”. You can see the direct confrontation between man and God. They “quarrel” and Adam seeks to fare to another sphere. What does he want? He wants knowledge, not the mere logical continuation of the evolution that animals have. Thus begins the alienation – on the Physical plane man journeys without God, for he has yet to awake his spiritual core; he has the material image, the Astral and the Mental manifestations, but Kundalini remains asleep. Man has the convenience that God has sent him forth to develop himself, but does miss God.

The journey with ourselves and without God we must now transform into the opposite – to wend our Way without ourselves, but with Him! Mythologies have coined the phrase “know thyself and thou shalt know the Universe and the gods” – you can know them, for you have both God’s image and His likeness, and He is, Who knows, and Whose essence is universal. This concept was imparted on man back in his primal wakefulness – and this is the battle he must do. The Great Initiated Men have defined it well in the past, which goes to show that their concept was much more accurate than the present-day, because nowadays people lack their spectral vision. In the field of spirituality they are not illiterate, but ignorant. Illiterate people are allowed not to know, but those who are ignorant possess unforgivable knowledge.

In the Wave of Wisdom, the Way is enlightenment!

Request Two: Send us the blessing of the Holy Spirit, so that the truth may never fade in our souls!

The purpose of man’s involution is so that the mind may lead matter to communion with the Spirit. This is why we first descend on the Physical plane – and then ascend. Consequently, the forefathers of this humanity formed a union between the cellular level and the Spirit. Thus man descends – from the spiritual core to the final anatomy, from whence, on his way back, he turns matter into light. The first sensitivity is developed out of the Astral light, so that it can evoke thought, which, in turn, begins guiding your growth.

This is why Requests are addressed to the Teacher – so that we may receive energy, necessary for our advance upwards. However, when we ask for the Holy Spirit’s blessing, this is, so to speak, alms. There are low points in the history of the spirit – not in the human spirit, but in the human behaviour. Historically, that’s when people turn to the Spirit – send us the blessing of the Holy Spirit, not of the Deity. However, the Holy Spirit is not the Lord’s omnipotence, neither is it the supremacy of the Son. It is for this reason that the request is a form of anxiety – that the light may not fade in our souls. For it is possible that a religion’s culture may abase the wholeness of the soul with its behaviour at a certain historical stage.

The truth is the pulse of the revelation!

Request Three: Give us strength to live without doubt and without fear in our earthly home!

We can live doubting the past we have, or the present we meet, or the future that is to come. Doubt is a gravedigger. When it passes its judgment on the value of the past, then you end up with a coffin for it. That, which is to come, must first be living before it can be manifested, and only then can it be assessed… This is why Jesus Christ performed the Crucifixion. Whether it was real or not, it doesn’t matter – what matters is the concept of Crucifixion. This idea gives Him priority, because He rises from the dead. After His Resurrection, he invites Thomas to touch His wounds – however, blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed… Every doubt is a retreat from the secret of the initiation.

There are various methods, such as miracles, suggestions, etc., that can cast aside doubt – but afterwards more such techniques will be required in order to disperse further doubt. Insatiability lies in seeking to fortify faith through the removal of doubt – instead of putting faith before doubt. One needs not run away from methodologies, but they can lead a person only to a step they have already reached in the past – for they are but an element of artificial awakening and mastering that, which one already possesses. As Christ put it, if you had faith without doubt, you would tell that mountain to cast itself into the sea and it would do so! This is not something you can achieve through techniques. There is, however, such a doubtless faith inside man. The various methods can serve you, but do not lean on them. Perfect your body through techniques, master your mind, but forget not that you Are, not them! Do not forget the Breath of God!

Thus, those who has used the idea to climb the stair of perfection and deification without doubt or fear, needs to accept that, which the Wave of Wisdom grants them as both an evolution and a sacred revolution of today! For even the holy books instil fear. And even those, who taught in the past did not know the Wholeness, for they had awakened only their fourth or fifth centre of Kundalini. No more than ten people on this Earth are Great Initiated, the rest have but knowledge that possesses a certain level, but not wholeness.

Religions have asked man to perform worship, but they failed to dedicate him to the purpose that the Creation had given him – namely, that in his earthly home he is a god. From this great conception we need to give birth of God out of man. Only man can carry on the responsibility of the Creator!

The Spirit is the powerful one, the matter – awaiting, but it is matter that demonstrates the power of life.


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