НачалоVaklush TolevMessages of the Planetary LogosMessages of the Planetary Logos – 4th Message (1980)

Messages of the Planetary Logos – 4th Message (1980)


Teacher of the Universe, Lord!
  1. Give service to my Spirit, a summit – to my Way, dignity – to my life!
  2. Give light to our souls, love – to the brotherhood, knowledge – to our days!
  3. Give my bodily temple health, gratitude in the heart for Your gifts, joy in the eyes for the sun You send us!


The 1981 Message is an expression of a force of creation. After all the conflicts, after the concept of fear and the growth addressed in the previous Messages, now we have: a summit to our Way. The pyramid is being erected; stairs are being built so that you may safely climb to the top.

The established spiritual values in every Teachings become a behaviour of worship. Each digression, however, as well as frailty stand in the way. The various religions trends are exhausted spiritualities – poverty, ragged clothes.

The exuberance of official institutions is a separate matter. They have, nevertheless, certain aspects that are necessary and powerful. For humanity’s capacity for taking in spiritual perfection is greatly lowered. People, therefore, need the support of a throne for communion.

Each and every value in this Message is no longer a virtue, but a mental validity. The Mental plane plays a role here. It has a legal standing, so to speak, in order to ascertain and make judgements. However, it is the Spirit that enlightens and creates!

Request One: Give service to my Spirit, a summit – to my Way, dignity – to my life!

It is our Spirit that performs service, not our soul. The Spirit never dies! This is why we ought to have knowledge that inspirits our flesh. Only then does the Way have a summit – deification!

Service is one of our greatest needs and, doubtless, one of the most significant traits – that of deification. A trait, which religions have yet to give as a right to man – only as a blessing. One was allowed to be sinful, good, or even perfect, but one was never given the opportunity to be divine. For the first time the Teachings of Wisdom, through their principle of service, give man the right to deification!

The shortest way is from God to man, but the longest one is from man back to God! The reason why we climb a top is the divine vista. And one must remember that climbing to the top is done with a slow heart beat – the elevated one, the impatience quickly cut short one’s rush up. Therefore, do not compete with contemporaneity – seek futurity instead! For futurity is intransience.

It is a blessing, that you are now in a being that gives birth to a Way; or on a Way, which makes your being. The greatest dignity of our life in this Way is knowing ourselves in order to judge our purpose. Dignity is an idea of service; those, who are dignified, serve each place with greatness!

Service is a spiritual growth; the Way – a spiritual concentration.

Request Two: Give light to our souls, love – to the brotherhood, knowledge – to our days!

Love is of social character, not of spiritual one. Consequently, the request for love to the brotherhood is an emanation for an individual’s stability, wakefulness and responsibility.

Christ was the first to ask us to love our enemies, for this way we warm them and deprive them of their ill-thoughts. However, with the Spiritual wave of Wisdom loving one’s enemy is a form of giving alms – for love is an awakened instinct for doing good, which Wisdom elevates to a need for knowledge and enlightenment.

The light of Wisdom in our souls is knowledge of the insight. Only those who are deified may have a Revelation as well. This is why such have been given to only two in history – to Hermes and to Christ. These two make no mythologies. Mythologies are rich in wise words, but what these two Deities give are truths so rich, that when people tried to use them, they exercised them as a will for violence – violence, which turned these truths to untruths. This is why we need the Light of Wisdom!

Our whole struggle for light and knowledge is mastering Kundalini, which, actually, is knowing God’s presence.

The universal fire – Kundalini, is oneness with God’s presence!

Request Three: Give my bodily temple health, gratitude in the heart for Your gifts, joy in the eyes for the sun You send us!

The body is a continuation of the Spirit. It, too, is an essence – through our body we realise our divinity. We must care for and respect our bodily temple, for through it the mind, the hearth, the will, the soul and God are expressed!

Gratitude for God’s gifts is a special form of overcoming the flesh. Gratitude completes the being and is expressed through words; it is a mutual permeation.

The request also calls for joy in the eyes, for joy is a special kind of wisdom. Joy is the smile of Wisdom!

The way to work in the Wave of Wisdom is with the concept of service, which is a great secret of man. Responsibility is what gives judgment, not the fruit of service, for there are treacherous fruits, too. People sought a drink of immortality – we need not beat the Sea of Milk in order to reach immortality, for we have in us an awakened and called-upon Spirit of the Deity. The Likeness is put within us and we make it life. Man was on a quest to find the drink of immortality merely because he lived in doubt that the Immortal One is within him. But He is, and when He comes out for life, then can matter be inspirited.

Gratitude multiplies the blessing in the Universal plane!

It is worrying when we can only see entertainment and occupation in the world. They are both part of the way of the evolution, but they are a lack of an idea for a Way – knowledge is a Way!

All Messages must, just like water, trickle down to the Ocean!

The Messages are lessons not in being human, but in becoming divine!


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