1. Nurture our souls with good acts and nobility!
  2. Lead my Spirit unto prayer and service with humility!
  3. Protect our souls and bodies!


The contention of the 1980 Message is prosperity of spiritual sight. This is a much more thorough concept than the three problems underlying the previous Message – fear, doubt and the feeling of responsibility.

There are different ways to increase one’s intake of spirituality (including under pressure) at various personal or social times. Those, who are awake, contribute greatly from the Universal Kundalini to the personal one, for only when they have chased away the clouds of the mundane, can they see the star that will lead them on the Way. The Universal Kundalini is an energy from the Absolute, whereas the personal Kundalini is an individualised ray!

As an individual, everyone is a whole – you may have been a priest once, the next time you will be a Caesar. Each of us, during a given reincarnation, grows in one or several of the Seven Rays of the evolution. Once you have mastered one of the Rays, you move on to the next, so that Wholeness may develop a universal person. This is why separate individualities, brought together as a whole, create common culture. Planetary unity? is needed in order to contribute to That, Which has weaned us off, even though individuality is what defines us and even though it is through individuality that we perceive ourselves. However, what matters is Wholeness! Wholeness is God in Life!

Request One: Nurture our souls with good acts and nobility!

The soul is the symbol of God in us. It is our experience with realising God in ourselves. The soul is God’s witness, it is the intermediary – whereas the Spirit is what unites soul and body. It emanates its spiritual blessing over the soul, which, in turn, transfers it to the body. The soul is a planetary necessity. We die with it, so that we may have a resurrection. But the Spirit needs no resurrection, for it can lord over matter – it can gather it and it can also scatter it.

The enlightenment of Wisdom now liberates our soul from the past experiences it carries – acts, nobility and sacraments will now mean something else entirely. For the gift of the Spirit is over our whole essence.

The concept of good deeds and nobility is a matter of hierarchy. There were times, when being a knight equalled nobility, and honour was protected by throwing down the gauntlet; and there are other times, when humility protects dignity with acts of compassion… From a global point of view, what good deeds and nobility mean is a result of historical and social judgement; from a personal one – it is a matter of a degree of evolution. By mastering ourselves, we master the world!

People have yet to be taught how to apply thought in its noble path. There will come a time, when we will be able to feed our body with thought, for the energy of thought is much finer than that of matter. And it is that energy, which gives rise to the nobility, the admiration and the inspiration that come from higher Planes and which, for this reason precisely, can alter the physical world. Although the most horrific concept is that of the grounded human psychology, it is nevertheless logical, as long as prerequisites are not created for the energy that is within us to inspirit matter. Only once we begin working with the energy of the Spirit on the Physical Plane, will we be able to alter and guide it.

Nobility is boundless generosity!

Request Two: Lead my Spirit unto prayer and service with humility!

The Spirit is the emanation of Divinity in man’s flesh. It is the fiery spark of God, which sustains His connection to man. This is why the Spirit takes precedence, but it does not deprive matter from spirituality in any way.

Every creature can exhibit behaviour, only the evolving person can make a prayer, and those, who have overcome themselves, alone can be humble.

Prayer is an internal life! It is the most profound and precise expression of the life of one’s soul. With prayer you can vanquish your Self and perform service with humility. The most sacred prayer is humility.

Humility means sacrificed personality. Personality means an overcome individual. The individual is a biological entirety, whereas the personality signifies a completed mentality. Hence, the conflict between the biological beginning and the personality. In this conflict between individuality and personality, the latter can be overcome with difficulty due to its cravings. In these cases, the egocentrism corrodes the idea of the human-god. Egocentrism is the awakened need for valence, but as an unstable future being. The Ego is necessary, but only when you seek to make a self-sacrifice and when you can overcome yourself in humility.

The greatest secret of the evolving-god human, of the human as God’s presence, is to perform service with humility. And it is most insulting when service becomes a parade: “I serve!”.

Only humility has never offended destiny and God!

Request Three: Protect our souls and bodies!

With the Spiritual wave of Wisdom, both the body and the soul need to endure a much higher energy. Quite often the forms of madness expressed on either the Physical, the Astral or the Mental planes, are the results of one’s incapacity to sustain a higher vibration. These forms are not only incompatibilities with the “normal” – more often, a part of one’s mind or one of Kundalini’s chakras, which needs to release It, cannot bear the energy. Therefrom stems the spasm that precipitates pain. This is not madness – higher vibration is a privilege, but one may not yet be able to endure it.

This is what I refer to as “the convenience of the madman” – an excuse for the sake of society, but can you accept it? For if you are not ready, you will feel a spasm in one of the centres. Kundalini is immeasurable and when you cannot endure its energy, you are driven out of what is called “normalcy”. “The convenience of the madman” is not an insult – one must acknowledge the awakening “madness”, but one must also be prepared.

Great is the convenience of the madman, but it is hard for one to accept such a premise. And it is not so much an excuse, as it is actually a matter of endurance. Blessed is the longing need of enlightenment, but who can ask for such a fortunate madness?! For this is a need, which – although incompatible with what is widely accepted – gives birth to insight. And insight alone can make a sound judgement on being.

The Spirit cannot be manifested without matter, but only the inspirited matter can express the Spirit.


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