Teacher of the Universe!
  1. Grant Your blessed gifts to Your sons, so that they may walk the Way without fear and preserve Your creation!
  2. Give us spiritual sight, so that we may testify for the imperishable light without doubt and with conviction.
  3. Support our feeling of responsibility for the visible and the invisible worlds!

Protect us, O Lord!

Birth is a sacrament, Christmas – the Way!

The Message for 1979 awakens alphabetical teaching! It is the awakened who make up the percentage of the acknowledgment of prominence.

Those, who are above-average, have the priority of leading and they share the anxiety (for, in the end, it always leads to sacrifice). Certain marks of initiation form cores of their own at given historical or cultural moments – the initiated ones establish spiritual temples, scientists found academies…

When the initiated ones form a group, it is a blessing that everyone’s personal Kundalini unites with everybody else’s in order to draw together from the Cosmic Kundalini energy, which, in turn, augments the evolutionary effect on every single person. In this way, the personal spirituality, having reached a certain advanced stage of contribution to and drawing from the Cosmic spirituality, can effect change with much greater energetic stability.

Evolution is inevitable, and self-sacrifice is one of its necessities. Those, who cannot sacrifice vitality for others, have yet to awaken their responsibility! This being is what you must capture as predestination in this polyvalence. Being without predestination is encapsulation. This is why the three postulates of the Message are given – without fear, without doubt, with responsibility.

Request One: Grant Your blessed gifts to Your sons, so that they may walk the Way without fear and preserve Your creation!

Blessing is requested so that you may awaken yourselves for growth. This is why the first Request one ought to address to the Teacher of the Universe is to ask for the energy, with which to move forward. Fear stands guard against the Deity. The Christian Church teachers fear from God – this is the greatest trouble! Fear… What kind of father is God, then?! If a child goes to his father in fear, how can he become a man tomorrow? The fear that is brought in one’s soul, the imposed and applied cruelty that one is not God’s child, but rather cast away and cursed, play a most fatal fateful role – to convince people that they are unnecessary. However, Wisdom expects one to walk boldly,  without fear — towards man’s inner revelations!

The Astral plane is the premise of fear. Therein fear’s vibration as psychology is caused by the idea of death. When man is taught that he dies, but he has not been given the concept of reincarnation, he becomes even more fearful. A sacrifice is needed in order to overcome this stress and this sacrifice is the idea of immortality – no one can steal from man his right to everlasting existence. The circle of life causes fear until the energy of death is mastered. For the expression of death is immortality! The counter-thesis of immortality is already known, yet we remain in the bosom of the idea of death, which explains the Astral plan’s spasm. However, when you know immortality, you are free from fear.

Only Kundalini can create an aura of fearlessness, for It also gives knowledge of immortality. This is the extent to which one must be complete in the aura one is surrounded by! Nowadays people have but a handspan of aura around them, whereas the auras of great Teachers, such as Buddha, Jesus, etc., would extend to 500 metres. Therefore, we need to get a complete grasp of our abilities. This is why schools exist that teach the Way. The Way is in everyone – one needs but to lift the veil…

The blessed gifts that we receive while on our Way, are for us to protect His creation, which carries His inspiration!

There is but one Way – from God unto God!

Request Two: Give us spiritual sight, so that we may testify for the imperishable light without doubt and with conviction.

The awakened mentality is what forms judgment and arms you with sight without doubt, which protects you from fear. The Mental plane, like all others, has seven sub-planes and only when you have lived them in their entirety can you become impervious to doubt. For the image of doubt lies in the lower levels of the Mental plane and creates fear – because the Astral plane is much closer to the Mental plane than to the insight of Causality. Doubt is a play of our mentality – with it the winds of desire swing the branches of our fears. However, when insight becomes personal experience, doubt is gone.

Even when a mere light bug illuminates the Way one doesn’t lose it – imagine when a star shines or when the very sun of the Teachings rises! Only the absence of doubt can create stability. Knowledge is what frees us from doubt, for doubt is either a personal lack of knowledge or the whisper of another!

By mastering his bodies, man must gradually become free from himself. This “self” is a solid texture – the shroud woven by the Astral plane, or the mind woven by the Mental plane. After them comes the Causal world, wherein you know the premise of the awakened secret – this is your aural protection. Until man completes his aural protection on the Causal plane, he will always carry mental doubt and astral fear. The Causal plane gives him the secret that he cannot die, for his Kundalini is impervious to the destructive energies of each plane – they cannot vanquish him! Only then can man go with conviction to his Crucifixion – the gateway to the imperishable light of Resurrection.

The imperishable light is neither from the fourth, nor from the fifth dimension – it is not from the Astral plane, nor is it from the Mental one. It comes from the Causal plane, which gives birth. Causality cannot be materialised on the Physical plane – here it is imperishable.

Let there be Light! is an idea of the Creator. This Light of creation – Fiat Lux!, is neither light from the Sun, nor from the Moon, nor from the stars. This precisely is the imperishable light and it stays in us! But it is also no behaviour of will, mind or feeling.

The imperishable light is an emanation of Spirituality!

Request Three: Support our feeling of responsibility for the visible and the invisible worlds!

Waking up is not yet wakefulness. Wakefulness means responsibility, developed under the power of the Spiritual waves. The vibration of our body and our psychology is in the visible world, whereas the Universal consciousness is in the invisible one. Therefore, we have responsibility towards both worlds – the visible and the invisible. When we build spiritual stability in the visible world, the invisible one does not wipe it out, for time has no power there – it is the Spirit that defines the ways there!

Responsibility is a child of the insight for predestination! When you have complete responsibility towards both the visible and the invisible worlds, you will be able to bear the blessing of the awakened Kundalini, who has to empower each chakra through its rays. But it is free only after it passes through the sixth centre and then, when through the seventh one it leaves the domain of our flesh. Following that, the powers awakened in Kundalini’s centres no longer play a role or affect your judgment.

When your Astral body makes a judgment about sacrifice, you face fear, but when the Mental body does it, you want sight without doubt. However, if you cannot yet endure your Causal world, you lack the sense of responsibility towards the visible and the invisible worlds! In this case – if fear takes precedence or you lack conviction and have doubts – you cannot act with responsibility on the respective plane. On the other hand, when responsibility calls, even if only for a moment, you can save someone or contribute in another way. Even a mere push is a matter of responsibility! But the ranks of responsibility are the least crowded…

Responsibility is the communion of service!


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