Universality is His being; service – His reality;
our following is His confirmation!

There is an eternal phrase, uttered by Jesus Christ: I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. What it means is that you have to walk the Way and to realise the Truth in order to know the Life. For the Way to be shorter or at least to be walked on in purity, for us to reach that, which we call Life, the need arises for Teachings. But there have never been Teachings without a Master.

The Master is a Universal soul! What shape He has taken before his students, before humanity – that is just a name. As servants of the Eternal Universe, of the Universal Logos, the Masters need neither ranks, nor names. However, because humanity’s memory needs to be fed by the rhythm of reminiscence and of the word said about him, the Master leaves a trace in the centuries and this rhythm of his name, if we were to learn it, can serve us. And when new Teachings come along the Way and enter humanity’s soul, the weeds of the past – be they virtues, metaphysical thought or applied sociality – ought to be pulled out. This is what all Masters do!

The Masters do not hide – They show, hint and are gone! Sometimes They say: “There are things we cannot reveal to you.” The Master is a Universal given, but His duty is to His students, not to the Universe. And so, if the students understand the secret of their development, they will be able to say that the Master and the Universe are one and the same. The Master serves – the students and the Teachings are His service!

The Master needs no adoration, nor any other form of respect. He has not come with a purpose, but with the task of serving. The Master serves – He has no purpose! Purpose is for those who are still developing, so that they may reach the Teachings and then, having received their consecration, to learn how to serve. Service is a way in the evolution and the evolution is the life of that, which strives to become divine and to see itself in God.


The Master gives without imposing;
the Master advises without punishing;
the Master blesses without requiring gratitude!


Those who turn back to express their gratitude lose the Way. Therefore, whenever you see a master, who seeks praise and thus turns you away from your way and makes you lose your pulse – be doubtful. If you put your feeling of gratitude as admiration in your wakefulness, then you have grown and you are walking. For the Master knows when you say thanks – your perfection is His gratitude.

The ferment that the Teachings place in the student has always been blessed. The Teachings are a leaven in the student’s soul! This is what the Teachings give their students, so that the latter may imbue their souls – for enlightenment, for knowledge, for wakefulness. One does not walk a way without being awake. Teachings nourish their students for the future. The Teachings are the future and the students are those who realise them. The students are the flesh of the future Teachings.

The student needs to acquire the respective qualities through which they can bear witness to their Master. One of these requirements is to raise the level of their consciousness from the realm of feeling to that of reason; from the way of experience to contemplation… The Master, however, does not offer the easy temptation of a victor’s joy. He may say that everything can be conquered, but He will not say that this comes easy. If the students realise that every impediment is an experience, that every impediment is their vision, and that they are the ones who must carry Prometheus’ spark into the souls of the others, then they will have already become sparks themselves, and sparks shine. And whereas a firebrand is what is needed for illumination, it is the sun that creates life, for it is a sum of a million souls that have completed their evolution!

The student needs to achieve mastery over the totality of him- or herself, but mainly mastery over reason, for the wind of temptation can blow away the fruit of reason! If we cannot control ourselves in full, then we are still at the school of development. Victory over thought means security of our overall development and many a school has provided methods and means of mastering it, for the thought ought now to be inspirited and to become a conduit of intuition. The intuition is your tomorrow – reasoning is the limiting frame of the Heavens! We do need reason, but one that is under control and pure enough to welcome intuition.

The other way of the student, that is tolerance. Violence, as a form of self-confidence, is madness, and intolerance is violence. Tolerance is the hardest and most difficult virtue to accomplish – a person is as divine as their spiritual hierarchy allows them to be and we ought not reproach them, but lead them with tolerance.

What does inner balance mean? It means applied tolerance. The lack of tolerance is the students’ greatest misfortune. Accomplished and applied tolerance is the inner balance. Christ said: And whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him twain. This is what applied tolerance means and no Master shall ever hesitate to gift two miles to their student.

The Teachings need and have their womb – the face of the school. Schools always have a horizontal – the students, and a vertical – the Teachings. The School is the inner fold of initiated people, who have set out to walk a way! It is security and mutual overflow. This is why, as Teachings, Schools are forerunners. They are the bridge from which the ship’s captain gives compass directions for the way forth. Therein is the crystallised future. For those who have a future, walk a way. What the future gives us now is the Light of Wisdom – Wisdom as applied Love.

The will of the Almighty, carried out by the students – this is the pinnacle of the Teachings: Go ye into all the world, and preach these Teachings. If you can do this – humbly and without fanaticism, then one can say that the Teachings and the students have carried out part of the Universal being of the Universal evolution, of the Logos and of the Father.

he Master needs not to prove Himself – He says!

Translation: Borislav Zlatkov


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