We are on the verge of one of the greatest mysteries in the history of humankind. We are anticipating the Easter bells, while in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem Christians – orthodox, Catholics or monophysites – are waiting for the Holy Fire – the fire that neither burns, nor emits heat – in order to light the candles of the thousands of worshipers…

However, during Christianity’s millennial existence, institutions have created preconditions and a particular conflict has arisen with regard to the day when Christ’s Resurrection is to be celebrated by the various denominations of the religion with the most followers in humanity’s social life at present.

It is known that Jesus Christ rose from the dead after the Jewish holiday of Passover. Consequently, the Christian holiday is determined based on the Jewish one, which in turn is related to their Exodus from Egypt. It is also known that at the First Ecumenical Council in 325 AD the Holy Fathers decided that Jesus’s Resurrection was to be commemorated on the first Sunday after the full moon following the Spring equinox. But, even if the orthodox world postpones the Easter celebrations on the chance that they might coincide with the Passover, Catholics and Protestants do not observe this consideration. And even when the Orthodox Church does not delay the celebration with a whole lunar month, the additional condition regarding the full moon results in the Catholic and the Orthodox Easter coinciding in 50% of the cases and in the rest – the latter is a week later than the former, as is the case in 2018.

Thus, the most important Christian holiday becomes a floating one. Historians have long stopped questioning the events described in the Holy Bible. The fact that Jesus Christ was a real historical person is long now accepted. The contemporary man of reason has found his proof… It is logical, then, that many people are probably asking themselves which the correct historical date of Christ’s Resurrection is. For, after all, just like one’s birthday is celebrated on a particular date each ear, a person’s passing ought to also be commemorated on the date it happened and no other considerations need exist.

This date has now been determined by science and confirmed in chronological and historical publications, which we will have the pleasure of sharing with you on this website.

8 April is the true date of Christ’s Resurrection!

And the year 2018 is one of the few in which the day chosen by the institutions coincides with this date, albeit only for the Orthodox Christians.

But long before all this evidence was presented before the world, in times when a militant atheism reigned supreme in Bulgaria and the materialistic communist philosophy was gradually turning a political party into a “God” for its subjects, in the distant 1956 a man believed that there was only one reality more real than reality – the reality of the Spirit. Through insight Vaklush Tolev already knew that 8 April was the true historical date of Jesus’s Resurrection and for decades after that he would celebrate it with friends and followers, for, as he himself used to say, the truth is higher than any consideration.

Naturally, the Church, as an institution, is fully within its right to take into account certain considerations – dogmatically and canonically substantiated. But it is even more important for us to be in Christ’s Word and to live the ritualistic psychosis of the mutual greeting “Christ has risen!” and for our souls to affirm: “He has risen indeed!”.

And while we are waiting this Universal mystery, this celebration of the Spirit, let us remember some more of Vaklush Tolev’s words, published in His “Nur” Magazine back in 1993:

In our souls is He – the Risen, the Eternal and the Constant. Let us be in Him, just like He is always in Us!

And in 1996 he urged us: Let us wish to learn how to rise from the dead.

For whoever can experience Christ in himself, he has risen.

May the Spirit’s celebration be your life, traveller!

Translation: Borislav Zlatkov


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