Master of the Universe!

  1. Grant us powers of service to carry out Your will!
  2. Take our efforts to become one with the law of Evolution!
  3. Preserve peace on the planet and secure the Way of the Master.


The Messages are a strategy for morality, faith and messianism.

On the eve of 21-22 December, when the New astronomical year begins, the Cosmic Logos dawns on all that was created by His Father. Thus He accompanies the planetary life with His energies and makes changes.

There have always been and there will always be astronomical years, but the energy that the Planetary Logos gives with regard to a new Spiritual Wave as a Universal presence, happens once every few millennia! This gift is part of the ability to bear something to which the world has just started to adjust. And it’s not so much the world’s negligence that impedes its progress than its ignorance. For humanity has been brought up and taught by half-initiated individuals. The biggest issue, however, is that it is half-culture, which becomes significant and not spiritual gifts…

The Messages, received and given by the Masters, have both a cognitive and an apocryphal character. They are a secret of the evolutionary need. The Messages are an energy of the Root Races and a breath of the Spiritual waves. Each and every one of the Seven Root Races emanates energy, but without the Spiritual waves that energy cannot be given a rank and cannot establish stability. This is why the Spiritual waves come: that of Creation, of Mythology, of Justice, of Love, now – of Wisdom and in the future – of Truth and of Freedom.

In the Spiritual wave of Wisdom, the Universe gifts the Messages of the Planetary Logos as a blessing and as a way of comportment and life! Like a Cosmic wave, they give the right of awakening in one’s personal life and of prayer service for each house, for each society. They are a value, which can be accomplished and applied by everyone with awakened responsibility in the evolution.

The Messages of Wisdom are the bridge, which separates the rules of Virtue from the light of Knowledge.


The Message (for 1977) initiates the idea of cultivating body, thought and soul: the body – as inspirited matter; the thought – as spring purity; the soul – as resurrecting spirituality. This grants karmic freedom – freedom from being grounded, the blessing of forgiveness and the audacity for a new road.

Spiritual development is fostered by religion and faith. The flesh and the astral need religion for upbringing, whereas faith is thought’s necessity and conviction for service. All this is an aural way of being. This is what the Messages are for – they allow man to distinguish between doctrinism and initiation. Therein one can find Oneself. And when one finds Oneself, he or she must complete the work without Oneself. Only after giving birth to One Self can one’s Universal given – the Breath of the Creator, be expressed.

Your dedication to service, this is what the three Requests are and what everyone will try to accomplish to the best of one’s ability. They have more of a moral gradation and a state of applied prayer. The Requests are a necessity for both your spirituality and for your mind, which you ought to cultivate, if it were to bear the intuition. This is why through the Requests of the Messages you build the ladder of your liberation.

Request 1: Grant us powers of service to carry out Your will!

Service is man’s truest road that can lead him in this grand journey – from the days when God in man asked Where art thou, Adam?, to the moment when through God in man he can say I and My Father are one! However, service is not evolution – it leads evolution!

Jesus performs an act of the most humble service when at Gethsemane He says: O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me – the cup of evolutionary suffering – nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt! With these words He shows human evolution as God’s will. And there is no other power in the evolution but His will. As a force and as a revelation, God’s will reigns over the soul of whoever realises responsibility and service!

The cup – the heart, contains all that a human has been able to live throughout all the millennia: from the involutionary descent to labour over the earth, through the evolution in which he or she learns to make a sacrifice, to the great moment of the realised duel between Spirit and matter – the Crucifixion. Often, however, Jesus’s words at Gethsemane are misinterpreted to indicate hesitation in His service. No, these words are the turning point when humans must consign everything to oblivion.

A cup used to be given in the pyramids, in the schools of initiation. After being ritually washed and clothed in white linen, the student was given a cup of seduction. And only if he cast it away, would he be initiated into service to the future by letting him spend three days in the sarcophagus – the sarcophagus of resurrection.

This is how the idea of resurrection stands as a lesson during initiations. However, this lesson is less important than passing the cup of every-day life so that you can serve. That night at Gethsemane Jesus did something completely new – out of the whole instruction, He highlighted the importance of service for becoming divine! This is the first act of the great service, which split the Wave of Love from the future Wave of Wisdom.

Service is the backbone of Wisdom.

Request 2: Take our efforts to become one with the law of Evolution!

Next to the Creation of the world and of humanity, the question of the law of Evolution is one of the most significant ones in our life. All of the road that we have travelled so far we owe to the act of Involution, which afterwards gives an impetus to Evolution. The Cosmic Evolution is the grand spiritual power of That Undefined, Causeless, which pours Its golden rain into Involution. And the vibrations that It leaves as involutionary grading of the world, we can afterwards transform in our evolution. It is precisely our evolution, manifesting cause and retribution as coming and going, which is our ladder towards the Heavens. Yet its helpers – reincarnation and karma, have not been, nor will they be forever in the planet’s development.

Still, which are our efforts to become one with the law of the Evolution? Our will for knowledge, the road of perfection and the idea of becoming divine – these are the three forces that lead humanity’s evolution.

After the process of God’s gift to the physical flesh, the great law of the Evolution predestinates precisely through knowledge that we should begin our return home – to our Father. We do not insult God when we set course for Him, however imperfect we may be. For the evolution has but one goal – perfection, or now with Wisdom – becoming divine. Naturally, the hierarchy of becoming divine differs from that of perfection. Perfection is the road of faith – becoming divine is the road of service!

It is time for inner freedom; it is time for knowledge to unveil the secret of walking the Way – untroubled, without fear of the evolutionary pain! The true skill is not to be insensible to suffering, but to turn this feeling into knowledge. Only then will the Logos’ secret dawn on you that suffering is a law of Evolution. Evolution is merciless, but also sensible enough to cultivate tolerance to that, which leads you to divinity. The law of Evolution is mercilessness: death – for immortality; a grave – for resurrection!

There is no suffering, only evolution! Not that it does not hurt – everything, which is yet to be consecrated, hurts, for this is the law of the Evolution. Nevertheless, to this kind of pain everyone should be grateful, because it can make one enlightened!

The secret of our existence is to become one with the Universal law of Evolution: To be a drop in the ocean of Universal evolution and not a comely tear on our individual blossom!

The predestination of Evolution is for matter to become inspirited. The Spirit first creates flesh, and then this flesh, with His blessing, ought to be inspirited. This is why there are planets. For Kundalini can bear any planet without feeling its weight. This is the secret that needs to be consecrated – victory of the Spirit over matter!

Evolution is a law of Life!

Request 3: Preserve peace on the planet and secure the Master’s Road!

No one can have a Universal eye without tolerance! Without tolerance, seeing that, which may provoke anxiety, awakens fear… But when some initiated ones leave the planetary evolution to join that of the Universe, they become known as Masters.

The Road of the Master are His Teachings. It is for this Road that peace on the planet must be preserved. Whereas the secret for securing the Teachings lies with what the students have accomplished and what they realise. They may doubt their culture – that would be a plus; they may question their perfection – and that should push them forward; they may be hesitant whether they have wholly fulfilled their duty – until they master the resolute sacrifice. However, when they doubt their road as students, when they doubt the value of their service or the admiration before the Road of the Master – then their purity is wasted. This doubt becomes an impediment and bars them from receiving more light!

Devotion is akin to the warmest of winds – you can feel the Road of the Master through the intuition and preserve His words! The Master is a Universal soul. What image He appears in before humanity is just a name. Whether He be Hermes, Krishna, Confucius, Zoroaster, Siddhartha, Jesus… it matters not to the history of the Spirit. But, because humanity’s memory needs to be fed with the rhythm of reminiscence, the name of the Master leaves a trace throughout the centuries.

Universality is His being; service – His reality; our following is His confirmation!

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Translation: Borislav Zlatkov


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