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On the Spiritual Waves of Evolution

The Spiritual waves are stages in accomplishing God! Many of us have asked themselves questions such as “Where do we come from and where are we going?”, “What drives humanity’s evolution forward?”, “Why are there...
Символен знак на Мъдростта

The Symbol of Wisdom

The symbol of the Spiritual wave of Wisdom is the Triangle – the upper part of the Christian cross with the inscribed Serpent that symbolises Wisdom.
Учител, учение, ученик

Master, Teachings, Students

The Master does not come with a purpose, but with the task of serving. The Master advises without punishing; the Master blesses without requiring gratitude!
Книгата на Живота

The Doctrine of Life in the Way of Wisdom Teachings

For the first time the Spiritual Wave of Wisdom pours over us energies not for existence, but for life - only God lives, humans exist!
Дървото на Живота

The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is the energy of immortality. The fruit of the Tree of Life is humanity’s dreamed unity with our Father.

Resurrection as a new planetary idea

The Resurrection is not a miracle, but a spiritual uplift. The Resurrection is the idea for bringing spirit in matter. On a social level, the Resurrection is an idea for immortality, for communion with the Universe.
Petar Nikolov

Let us live the Resurrection as a metamophosis!

Celebration of The Way of Wisdom Society Resurrection – a new psychology of the world Welcome speech by Petar Nikolov Chairman of the Way of Wisdom Society Dear Mr George Trak! Dear ladies and gentlemen! Dear Godmates, It is 8...
Доц. д-р Кирил Колигов, Главен редактор на литературата на Общество Път на Мъдростта

What is The Connection Between Wisdom and Resurrection as Energy and as Light?

Celebration of the Way of the wisdom Society What is The Connection Between Wisdom and Resurrection as Energy and as Light? Speech by Kiril Kolikov Editor-in-chief of the literature of the Way of the Wisdom Society Dear guests...