Начало Vaklush Tolev On Wisdom's Culture

On Wisdom's Culture

Enigma: There is no evil, there is non-evolved good

There is no evil, there is non-evolved good enables one to understand that it is possible to overcome every obstacle.

Vaklush Tolev: Culture is a social prayer!

Culture is a social prayer! Everyone prays in their own ways – one would light a candle, another with incense, yet another with a silent prayer, as our Hesychasm teaches... And what? All this is a common prayer.

Interview with Vaklush Tolev about Resurrection

The Resurrection is a new psychology which has created a Self-Baptism in the behaviour of the Christian Teaching with the idea that the Son of Man can become a Son of God, and afterwards One with his Father.

Vaklush Tolev: the Resurrection is a Power over the Grave

Christ's resurrection is the idea through death to find the law of immortality. This is why I call the Resurrection a power over the grave – you come out of the grave empowered, having defeated matter.

Vaklush Tolev on faith, religion and resurrection

Vyara Ankova: Dostoevsky said that if God does not exist that means that everything is allowed. This may be the explanation as to why in the end of XIX and the beginning of the...