Proposal for the Protection of the Soul against “Anathema” and “Enemy”

The soul must never be subjected to the destructive and annihilating treatment of anathema, just like we should not use the negative radiation of enemy.
European union flag

Europe – Sought and Made

Let us honour 9 May as Europe Day by raising on the pole of our unity the flag of our community, by allowing the “Ode to joy” hymn to vibrate in our souls with a new prayer – that of the godmate!
Културата - обществена молитва

Culture – a Social Prayer

Even though culture is but a pale shadow of insight, it is still made by gods and humans. Through culture humanity evolves from existence to sanctity, from sanctity to Divinity.
1 Май - Ora et labora

Ora et labora! – Pray and Work!

Labour is the application of the divine energies that prayer releases, and they must build the corpus through reason so that it can serve the idea of perfection.

Open Letter to the Bulgarian and the Ecumenical Patriarchs, and to Pope Francis

The celebration of the Resurrection unites mankind – in order to achieve this, it has to be held at the same time. We bring forward our proposal inspired by our deep concern for this illuminating Day to be celebrated in unity by all the Christians all over the world.

The True Date of Christ’s Resurrection

During Christianity’s millennial existence, institutions have created preconditions and a particular conflict has arisen with regard to the day when Christ’s Resurrection is to be celebrated by the various denominations of the religion with the most followers in humanity’s social life at present.