Aries is a Fire sign with Mars as its governing planet and symbolised by the ram. Typical traits of this sign are bravery, leadership, vehemence and enthusiasm. On Aries Vaklush Tolev says something exceptionally interesting. In Nur Magazine (vol. 2/1993) he writes:

The period that brings coolness, even coldness in man has been overcome – the period of winter is overcome and now one seeks the coming of spring, for 21-22 March marks the advent of spring. “Corriger la fortune” – “Let us correct destiny” – this is the best expression for Aries. Let us correct… Horns are a symbol of change. The head and the horns are evidence of the Self and this is why the inscription that sits above the temple of Aries is “I am” – this is important for the zodiac sign.

In his works Vaklush Tolev urges us to live with the voice of destiny and not with its echo. The energies brought by this star sign unveil to us this very chance: to correct destiny and in the end to break its chains in order to be rid of it.

Destiny is subservient to evolution, not evolution – to destiny!


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