Godmate is the new name of man who is a god in evolution.

  • The Godmate is a unity – a co-flesh and a co-Breath, born out of the Creator.
  • Every human being is essence from God – this is why they are not co-divine but godmates.
  • The Godmate is God, Whom we search within ourselves, brought out in the face of the other.
  • Being godmates means collaboration not as a property, but as an essence.
  • Being godmates is not a question of morality – morality evolves, godmates realise themselves.
  • The Godmate is not a symbol, but a spiritual responsibility – being godmates is an aim at community and a Way.
  • The Godmate is a manifestation of God’s likeness – a liberated holiness.
  • The Godmate has but one duty: Service without Self.
  • The Godmate is a self-Maker and a co-Creator.

Translation: Borislav Zlatkov


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