I was, in order not to be! I am not, for I was – the Resurrection!

  • The Resurrection is a Universal mystery – the Universal Will rises in man!
  • The Resurrection is man’s pivotal point that Life is invincible.
  • The Resurrection is not compassion for man, it is an idea for life in God.
  • We live not for death, but for the Resurrection – it is mastering the world.
  • The Resurrection is a victory of Man over man – it is the given ability to gather and dissipate matter.
  • We must not only celebrate the Resurrection, but ask to rise from the dead – it is not only a great day, but great living.
  • The Resurrection is appeasement between Spirit and matter.
  • The Resurrection is power over the grave.
  • The Resurrection is the spiritual name of the earthly evolution!

Translation: Borislav Zlatkov


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