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The Spiritual wave of Creation

The first Spiritual wave of Creation shapes the world and man. The Culture of Creation is man’s first struggle for Himself – to become a person!

The Symbol of Wisdom

The symbol of the Spiritual wave of Wisdom is the Triangle – the upper part of the Christian cross with the inscribed Serpent that symbolises Wisdom.

Prayer Before Eating

Lord, come and bless the table of Your children.Thank You for the wealth You give to us for a way and life, and for the wisdom with which You teach us.

Proposal for the Protection of the Soul against “Anathema” and “Enemy”

The soul must never be subjected to the destructive and annihilating treatment of anathema, just like we should not use the negative radiation of enemy.

The Doctrine of Life in the Way of Wisdom Teachings

For the first time the Spiritual Wave of Wisdom pours over us energies not for existence, but for life - only God lives, humans exist!

The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is the energy of immortality. The fruit of the Tree of Life is humanity’s dreamed unity with our Father.

Europe – Sought and Made

Let us honour 9 May as Europe Day by raising on the pole of our unity the flag of our community, by allowing the “Ode to joy” hymn to vibrate in our souls with a new prayer – that of the godmate!

Culture – a Social Prayer

Even though culture is but a pale shadow of insight, it is still made by gods and humans. Through culture humanity evolves from existence to sanctity, from sanctity to Divinity.

Ora et labora! – Pray and Work!

Labour is the application of the divine energies that prayer releases, and they must build the corpus through reason so that it can serve the idea of perfection.


By assigning characteristics to the Absolute we diminish It. Nothing can be added to the Absolute and nothing can be taken from It either.

On Agni Yoga: §2

A knowledge of the mind can provide a formula, a knowledge of the intuition can facilitate insight and a revelation can unveil a truth!

Taurus (21 April – 21 May)

Taurus is an Earth sign, whose governing planet is Venus, and which is symbolized by the bull. Amongst the typical characteristics of the Taurus are loyalty, creativity and tenacity.

On Wisdom's Culture

Enigma: There is no evil, there is non-evolved good

There is no evil, there is non-evolved good enables one to understand that it is possible to overcome every obstacle.

Vaklush Tolev: Culture is a social prayer!

Culture is a social prayer! Everyone prays in their own ways – one would light a candle, another with incense, yet another with a silent prayer, as our Hesychasm teaches... And what? All this is a common prayer.

Interview with Vaklush Tolev about Resurrection

The Resurrection is a new psychology which has created a Self-Baptism in the behaviour of the Christian Teaching with the idea that the Son of Man can become a Son of God, and afterwards One with his Father.

Vaklush Tolev: the Resurrection is a Power over the Grave

Christ's resurrection is the idea through death to find the law of immortality. This is why I call the Resurrection a power over the grave – you come out of the grave empowered, having defeated matter.